Features Unique to Pollinate

Shared Services

Need help developing and testing your campaigns or apps?

  1. Social Media Campaigns
    Learn how to generate buzz and awareness for product launches.
  2. Usability
    The only way to find out if your product is user-friendly is to use the user experience lab to generate heat maps of user gaze and interaction.

Overseas Incubator Exchange

Not just an office space, Pollinate also helps to facilitate expansion of startups to reach overseas market. The Asian Launchpad initiative for overseas startups provides strategic collaboration.

Getting Talents

More at Startup Talent Factory



Hang Out

Bean bags & TV. Take a breather as you go about your daily grind at our cosy hangout area.


Furnished with staples such as coffee and biscuits, the pantry ensures you never go hungry during the day.

Admin Support

Printers, check.
Stationery, check.
Your office needs, fulfilled.