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3PlayGrounds is an online peer-to-peer adventure travel community that strongly believes in enriching one’s life and making the world more connected. They explore untapped, unusual, uncommon, unique, extraordinary and off-the-beaten track areas in Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, etc. They connect like-minded people, building a bridge between adventure organisers and adventure seekers. This empowers travelpreneurs to make a living via the gig economy, offering travelers to experience travel as it should be- Authentic, unique, and shared with like-minded travel buddies.


Providing premium video captioning, subtitling, transcription and translation services to the media and education sectors, CaptionCube converts speech to text, increasing clarity and accessibility of the client’s content while creating equal employment opportunities.


Coddle is a Home Care service provider that provides quality and affordable care services such as medical chaperoning and befriending to families in Singapore, while providing meaningful employment opportunities to people within the community.


Foodzaps is a SaaS solutions provider supporting more than 10,000 F&B outlets worldwide. Their solution allows clients to expertly manage inventory, staff, menus, multiple devices, orders, and billing easily & anywhere from Mac or PC with their comprehensive Reports & Analytics.


Gram is a Singapore Corporate Video Production and Animation company that specializes in creating explainer videos to help business leaders simplify their message, boost their sales conversion, and educating their audience, to become thought leaders in their industry.


HighSpark specialises in creating persuasive visual stories for change makers to communicate their brand and ideas in a powerful way that inspires action. With proven story frameworks and visual strategies, HighSpark has helped leaders in Fortune 500 companies, rising start-ups and TEDx speakers gain buy-in for their high-stakes presentations.

J Rental Centre

J Rental Centre is Singapore’s first peer to peer camera gear, creative space and wardrobe rental platform. With over 1500 listings and 60 committed partners, J Rental Centre aims to empower students and small productions by providing affordable rentals and professional advice through its islandwide network.


Kakku is the pioneer in local area advertising. Kakku technologies insert intelligent, targeted ads and contents into a network users’ browsing sessions. "It is your network, your ads, and you monetise it"

In addition, with Kakku programmatic advertising tools, mobile advertising is no longer the privilege luxury of big brands and media agencies. Push ads within a targeted location. Even smallest businesses can now compete and bid against the big brands on mobile!


The premier AI chat automation platform for enterprises and government in Asia. KeyReply automates customer engagement and support based on past customer interactions, and takes care of your customers 24/7.

Memory Ark

Memory Ark specialises in providing special memory techniques for people of all ages to apply. It has a variety of memory techniques to memorize a myriad of different types of information.


The team at Octopus8 has many years of experience delivering successful software solutions and providing business process outsourcing support from onshore, nearshore and offshore. Their expertise is specifically in designing and implementing offshore development centre, software solutions related to careers including internships, jobs, skills, further education and human resources. Their operations are able to deliver high standards, achieve client’s satisfaction and loyalty while having high morale and sense of accomplishment.


How do 500,000 documents get processed yearly? Orama simplifies documentation used in maritime bunkering by using online web portal technology that automates the documentation process and facilitates compliance checking through integrating blockchain technology.


Payboy is an intuitive and easy-to-use HR SaaS solution catered for Startups and SMEs. As a fully updated and compliant Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Payboy simplify the hard stuff so that startups and SMEs can just focus on what matters.


RC9 is a globally trusted booking platform that enables users to rent vehicles seamlessly with ease for one destination or multiple. Users can compare prices from small, medium sized and large car rental companies.

RC9 offers a wide variety of choices of quality and reliable car rentals that can be secured with a single booking process anywhere, anytime for any occasion and length of time.


Switcheo is a decentralised exchange built on the NEO Blockchain. It facilitates trading of digital assets on the NEO Blockchain, and has further plans to develop into the world’s first multi-chain decentralised exchange.

T05 Technologies

T05 Technologies is a company specialising in technology strategy consultation and services for today's digital businesses by helping innovative companies to realize their digital transformation strategies.


Unigram puts students first. They aim to connect corporates to campus and be a platform for global companies to interact with millennials without barriers partnering micro-influencers on board their platform to create an authentic social media voice to cut through the digital noise.

Graduated Start-ups


Attores is a Smart Contracts as a Service company, which helps convert data and documents into Smart Contracts on the blockchain. They are working on a project with Ngee Ann Polytechnic to convert their Diplomas into Smart Contracts. Attores believes that the digitization of data and certifications in Singapore as a whole would be a major step towards the Smart Nation initiative.

Delta Duck Studios

A game development studio that aims to create games that not just entertain but go beyond to drive change and impact lives positively. They have recently launched Monster Chronicles, an exciting Battle Tic-Tac-Toe Strategy role-playing game on mobile and have previously launched over 30 games of different genres. Other notable products include educational games such as Space Rangers, Chiro Heroes and Getzapp which are co-developed work with the National Institute of Education (NIE) and companies like Marshall Cavendish.


Fastbee sets out to change the way people obtain their food daily. Through its low cost food delivery model where it (i) aggregates hawker food orders, (ii) bulk delivers up to 60 packs of food at one time via a driver and (iii) allows self-collection of pre-ordered meals at Fastbee’s heated smart food dispenser, Fastbee delivers food at 1/5 the cost of other food delivery companies. Fastbee ultimately sees itself transforming into a logistics/e-commerce company by leveraging the network of smart dispensers and captive customers that uses fastbee services frequently.


Seed-funded products company for development of real-time functional slides.


GenyTek is a technology company that creates smarter solutions with smart technologies.


LightBeijing reinvents the experience of learning Mandarin by providing customised, one-to-one courses online, connecting learners to qualified teachers based in Beijing. Its practical approach helps each learner use Mandarin to his own distinct advantage, providing highly customisable, flexible yet credible resource to suit all learning styles and needs.


Introduces a new way to buy and manage insurance by helping users understand, manage their existing policies and buy new insurance in one app.


Reprice aims to use machine learning to optimise menu pricing in real-time to help F&B; outlets maximise profitability. The goal is to offer the right price, at the right time, to the right person, and to equipment merchants with more data about their customers.


Teleo helps fast-moving and innovative teams stay aligned, reducing the chaos and anxiety of growing businesses and increasing projects by merging modern productivity tools into one platform.

Visual Perception

A design agency that creates interactive and engaging design pieces by infusing augmented reality or/and virtual reality in artworks. Visual Perception helps clients achieve better brand presence, stronger call-to-action and memorable experiences. Essentially, they hope to leave impactful perceptions for clients and audiences.